What Is The Scope Of A Diploma In Medical Laboratory Technology?

Medical science is a huge arena that is jammed with diversified sections and options. When a person falls sick, the medical treatment is immediately initiated by a general physician. He physically examines him/her to understand the reason for the ailment. If the medical practitioner fails to understand the internal issues or the initial level of medication fails to respond, he suggests opting for laboratory tests to confirm the presence of a disease. After the accomplishment of proper investigation as per the suggestions, the doctor proceeds with the treatment or the patient goes to a specialized doctor for an advanced recovery.

Role of a Laboratory Technician

When a person seeks a proper health investigation, a lab technician can offer an appropriate help. The technician will extract the sample from the body of a patient, preserve it in a proper way to keep it away from the vulnerabilities of atmosphere and examine it for the proper analysis. This can be done accurately by a person who has secured a diploma in medical laboratory technology. This will enable the aspirant to accomplish the duties with expertise.

Laboratory Technician Course

The lab technician course syllabus includes blood banking, clinical biochemistry, general pharmacology, systematic medical microbiology, infection control, fine needle aspiration technique, storage and transportation of samples, managing special samples, basic pathology and diagnostic techniques, maintenance and cleaning of lab equipment, NABL training and quality control, material and supply chain management, and others. This curriculum will make the trainee aware of the important aspects of this field.

In order to accomplish the course, the minimum lab technician course eligibility is to pass class 12. This will allow the trainee to understand the course in a better manner. Apart from the eligibility, the affordability also plays an important role. Since the lab technician course fee is not skyrocketing, anyone can avail the dream of becoming a lab technician. The duration of this course is 2 years and will also give an opportunity to the aspirant to attend 6 months on-job training.

Job Description of a Laboratory Technician

A laboratory technician is a key person that is responsible to make the experience of extracting the sample from the body painless. The challenge is not only to extract the sample in a strategic manner but also to store it properly. This ensures the sample reaches the laboratory without getting sabotaged. After this, the sample is analyzed before preparing the report. This is a crucial step in any treatment process as this will act as a gateway to initiate a valid treatment process. The final step will be to writing the analysis as per the observation, which will assist the doctors as well as patients to understand the physical condition.