Whooly 2 Flash Game

Flash games are a great way to spend your spare time on the computer. Whooly 2 flash game offers you a lot in the way of graphics and different scenes. Your character looks like a little fox that is trying to get his space ship back. You go through each level collecting the different treasures to get to the space ship and rescue it. You have to get through some baddies and know how to jump through each level.

This flash game also has you collection hearts which gives you lives. You also collect stars in order to get points throughout the game. You want to try and collect all of the stars. In this flash game you will also have to avoid the creatures that can take your life. These include crabs and snakes as the baddies.

Controlling your character is also very easy in this free flash game. In order to move all you have to do is use the arrow keys. To jump up, simply hit the up arrow and to fire you hit the control button. So this flash game has made it very easy to be able to navigate your way around each level and be able to get through the game with ease.

Playing free flash games can offer you much in the gaming world. Even though you may not think that playing a free flash game can offer you a lot in the gaming world, you will be pleasantly surprised with the Whooly 2 flash game.

You will get excellent graphics, interesting characters and fun music to listen to while you are playing the game. Once you sit down and start playing this free flash game, you will more fun than you probably bargained for. This is a great game for young children and even serious gamers that are looking for a break from the run of the mill routine.

This is a flash game that you can be happy to let your children play. It is fun and not difficult to play. They will be able to sit down and enjoy a fun game that you don’t have to worry about them playing. Even the violence that is involved in the game is not your typical violence. It is made in a way that is okay for the younger generation to be able to play.

Playing free flash games can be a lot of fun. At first you may think that they are cheesy and not as up to date as the games that you can play online. Once you start to plat flash games, you will have a great time and enjoy having the break from the rat race.

If you are looking for free flash games or just free games to play online, a little research is all it takes. So if you want to play flash games, check out the flash game Whooly 2. This is one flash game that is tons of fun and will keep you busy for hours.