Why Do Men Ignore Phone Calls? The Real Reason He Doesn’t Pick Up

Why do men ignore phone calls? That’s a loaded question and you’re going to get two very different answers from men and women. Men will tell you that they’re not really ignoring your calls they’re just super busy. Women will tell you that they reason he’s ignoring your calls is he’s so crazy about you it scares him. Both are utter nonsense. Men don’t want you to really know the reason why they don’t pick up. That’s because, unlike what most of us think, men are generally compassionate. The real reason why he is ignoring your calls is he’s just not that into you.

Men ignore phone calls because they don’t want to talk to you. It’s truly that simple. There’s no sinister ulterior motive running under the surface. He’s not so in love that he’s on the verge of tears when he hears your voice. He just doesn’t think talking to you right now is all that important. Most women are shocked to hear this. But when you consider the fact that a man in love will not only take your calls but will call you too, it all becomes crystal clear.

When a man stops answering your calls you have to face the fact that he’s losing interest. The reasons behind that may be varied but it all comes down to you having to renew that interest now before it’s too late. You can start by not calling him. You’ll actually get a man to notice you more and want to be with you more, if you don’t contact him.

The moment you realize that he’s ignoring your calls, stop calling. Don’t confront him about it because he’ll just come up with a reasonable sounding excuse for why he hasn’t been available. You’ll believe him, everything will seem great for a few days and then he’ll stop answering again.

You have to take action now. The best action is to ignore him too. It sounds terribly childish but sometimes dating is elementary. Take yourself out of the equation and he’ll want you. If a woman is throwing herself at a man and if she launches into nag mode when he doesn’t pay attention to her, he’ll drop her quickly. If that same woman suddenly stops calling and isn’t as interested, he’ll want her more. He’ll chase what he can’t have and push aside whoever throws themselves at him, so play hard to get now. You’ll be thankful you did once your phone is ringing off the hook and it’s him on the other end.