Why It Benefits to Use a Screen Protector on Smartphones

Smartphones are a very expensive piece of kit so it makes sense to take appropriate action to protect the investment. The most vulnerable part is likely to be the touchscreen which is easily impacted by dust, scratches, chips, or similar issues. One of the most effective ways to give protection to the screen is with a screen protector. They are useful for a variety of situations, such as the prevention of scratches, anti-glare and increased privacy.

Let’s take a look at several of the most pleasing benefits of the screen protector:


The ability to protect the screen is certain to be very appealing. A screen protector that relies on tempered glass can be very effective at protecting the screen in the event of a drop. Tempered glass is nearly five times stronger than regular glass. Many of the modern touch screens are able to resist scratches, but they aren’t able to stand up to impact damage. Also, this type of screen protector will feel much like the original screen with no bubble issues that are seen with the plastic alternatives.


A very pleasing benefit is the ability to enhance privacy and keep the electronic data on-screen hidden from those nearby. A screen protector can be very effective at restricting the view so that only those directly in front can actually read the screen. For those standing nearby, the screen will appear blurred or masked to ensure it cannot be seen. They are a great option for anyone who has personal privacy as a priority or business users wishing to keep information confidential.

Reduce glare

The screen protector that controls glare related issues will typically have a matte finish. They can be very effective at minimizing issues with a reflected image and avoid squinting which can lead to eye strain over time. Also, the screen visibility is greatly enhanced to make it easier to read in the various light conditions.


Most of the anti-fingerprint protectors rely on an oleophobic coating to help resist smudges and fingerprint marks. The ability to repel skin oils means the screen is kept clean and easy to use even after heavy use. Plus, it isn’t necessary to give the touchscreen a clean at such regular intervals.


The screen protector with antibacterial properties is a reliable option to prevent issues with mildew and bacteria which can lead to issues like odor and stains. Most of the effective options can prevent up to 99% of bacteria. They are particularly useful in environments like schools or hospitals where cleanliness is a major concern and bacteria are more likely to breed.