Yoga: Your Journey Towards a Healthy Life

The yoga is a combination of different physical, mental and spiritual activities. These activities help in improving the health standards of an individual. These are not mere exercises. These are considered as the source code of leading a healthy life.

Some of the most powerful yoga asanas are discussed here. One very famous yoga asana is “Anulom Vilom”. This asana helps in improving the performance of the respiratory system. In this asana, the practitioner needs to inhale the oxygen from one nostril and has to exhale from the other. Now, (s)he has to perform the same task from the other nostril. What is the benefit of doing this? This asana is very effective in improving the overall lung capacity. The inhaling and exhaling of air with full force will help in removing the remains of the carbon from the body. Moreover, the surplus supply of oxygen helps in the purification of the blood. Performing this asana on a regular basis will help in the healing of the lungs.

Let me discuss some other yoga asanas. Eagle pose is another very famous asana which will help in combating problems like Asthma, Low backache, and Sciatica. In this pose, the practitioner needs to wrap up one leg over the other while standing. Then, (s)he needs to wrap the hands in the parallel direction to the body, and has to breathe easily. The twisting and wrapping will help in increasing the flow of blood in the body, thus providing strength to your bones and muscle.

The yoga is a very comprehensive field and it is not limited to mere physical activities. There are several meditational poses which help in bringing perfect balance in your life. Due to stress and anxiety, there are instances in which an individual suffers from different diseases because of these. To combat these problems, all you need is to perform yoga asana. Lotus pose is a very effective in combating stress and anxiety. In this, the practitioner needs to sit with folded legs and has to breathe heavily. This helps in improving the blood flow in the body and relieving the stress.

Because of the several advantages associated with this, more and more people are introducing yoga in their daily life. This has also enhances the demand of the certified yoga trainers. There are several yoga schools which are offering different courses in which enthusiasts learn the different forms of asanas and pranayama. You should join these courses in order to learn this ancient science in the comprehensive manner.