He Doesn’t Pick Up the Phone When You Call – Calling Men Advice For Women

Men and phone calls are a bit of a puzzle to most women. We all have questions regarding this part of our relationships. What should we do if he doesn’t pick up the phone when we call is one such question. Most of us make the crucial mistake of calling him back again and again. Doing this may seem like a great approach, but it’s not for several reasons. There’s really just one thing you should be doing if he’s not taking your calls, and it may actually surprise you.

So what exactly should you be doing if he doesn’t pick up the phone when you call? First and foremost you should leave a very brief message. Just say hi and you’ll talk to him soon. Don’t leave any long messages detailing how his ignoring your calls is making you feel. Also, don’t make the mistake of giving him a laundry list of what you’re doing that day and when the best time to reach you is. He doesn’t want to know any of this. Above and beyond that, it makes you look incredibly desperate.

If he isn’t answering your calls you need to stop calling him right now. It’s tempting to try and call him over and over again hoping that he’ll eventually pick up. Some of us think we’re being sneaky by blocking our number and then calling again. Don’t do this. Your man will know it’s you. His not taking your calls is a clear signal that he doesn’t want to talk with you right now, so respect that. Once he realizes you’ve given up, he’ll suddenly become interested in again. It’s in a man’s nature to chase those things, including women, they don’t have. Once he does call, the best advice is to play his game. Don’t pick up right away and when you do return his call, keep it short and treat him more like a friend than a lover. This will instantly reignite his interest in you.