The Best NES Accessories That Failed Big Time

When it comes to Nintendo’s video game consoles, the most popular would have to be the original NES. Officially called the Nintendo Entertainment System, it was considered the very best when it comes to 16-bit video games way back in the 80’s and early 90’s. Back then, if you own a Nintendo, kids would flock into your home to swap games with you. But like I said, that was ages ago. My original NES is safely tucked in my cabinet, along with its many accessories. Oh yes, the NES also had lots of accessories, just like Nintendo’s Wii, Sony’s Playstation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360. And let me also tell you all that NES probably has the most number of accessories ever to be made for a single video game console. Unfortunately, there are only a few accessories that I consider successful, such as the NES Max and NES Advantage controllers. The others are obvious failures.

So, since I’m feeling all nostalgic, let’s discuss the very best NES accessories that failed. Big time.

1. The Power Glove

Surprisingly, Nintendo didn’t actually make the Power Glove. It was designed and made by Grant Goddard and Cooper Davis and is brought to life by Mattel. It resembles a glove with a NES mini controller on the wrist. Supposedly, the Power Glove lets you grab objects or move the cursor on the screen. Only two games were released for this accessory, Super Glove Ball and Bad Street Brawler. Out of curiosity (and the T.V commercial looked awesome!), I actually saved all my lunch money to get the Power Glove. The only game I got was the Super Glove Ball; it’s basically just a game lets me use the Power Glove to catch and throw balls on the game screen. Anyway, the glove doesn’t work all the time and has been regarded as Nintendo’s worst console accessory in history.

2. The Roll&Rocker

If you look at LJN’s Roll&Rocker, it’s the predecessor of the Wii Fit. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like the Wii fit. I personally didn’t have one since my parents though it was ridiculous. Also, they couldn’t stand their only daughter playing video games instead of playing Barbie dolls! In any case, I’ve seen a friend use this on a Saturday evening and boy, was she disappointed. The thing doesn’t work at all. I’m not surprised though; LJN’s have had a reputation of making bad games, so I’m not surprised with the Roll&Rocker’s performance.

3. The Konami Laser Scope

The Konami Laser Scope is the one thing my brothers hated the most. Hated because it destroyed their childhood dreams of experiencing what it feels to be a fighter plane pilot. Well, the Laser Scope does resemble some sort of pilot headgear, so you’d probably want to use this while playing fighter plane games. The only bad thing is the way you fire; you literally say (or shout) “FIRE!” which is really annoying, especially if you’re trying to play your NES at night. Imagine a Sunday night where you are stealthily playing with your Laser Scope and you shouted “Fire!”. A sure way to get yourself into trouble with your parents!

4. The Light Zapper

Wait, what? The Light Zapper? How did this get into the list? Well, you’d be surprised to know that I have five Light Zappers in my cabinet and all of them used to work for a few days or months only until I literally gave up when the fifth one got broken. The Light Zapper uses a light system that freezes your television screen black with the target colored white. When light reflects from the Zapper, it connects to the target on the screen. But this comes out completely at random; meaning that you might miss your target even if you point the Zapper near the target. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the model of the television set though.