The Healthy Penis and Choice of Underwear

One of the advantages to modern man’s increased attention to general physical health is that there is a corresponding increase in attention to penis health. More and more men take steps to ensure that they have a good, attractive, healthy penis to present to their partners.

While this attention to penis health focuses frequently on the penis itself, men also are aware that environmental and lifestyle choices impact whether he has a healthy penis or not. This includes a man’s choice of underwear. With many more underwear options available to the average man, it’s worthwhile to do a little exploring and see what some of the pros and cons are to popular men’s underwear options.


One of the things that a man needs to consider is the fabric out of which the underwear is made. There are natural fabrics, like cotton or silk, and synthetic fabrics, such as rayon, nylon or polyester. They both have pluses and minuses associated with them.

– Cotton is the go-to fabric for most “daily use” underwear. It’s durable, “breathes” well, washes and dries well, and has good absorbability. But for many men, cotton – even when dyed bright or vibrant colors – is a little too normal or even dull.

– Silk is also natural, but it has a sheen to it that many men (and women) find attractive. However, silk often doesn’t hold up well to repeated washing and the “slickness” of the material may be a little too arousing for some penises. It also tends to trap heat, making it good for winter wear, less good for hot summer days.

Among the synthetics, rayon shrinks easily and tends to have a fairly clammy feel to it. Polyester is durable but doesn’t breathe well at all; while it has some use for some athletic underwear, it tends to create strong odor (and bacteria) situations. Nylon, which is lighter weight and wind resistant, is a better bet for sports underwear.


Style is again often a matter of personal preference, but there are some factors to be considered.

– Briefs. The basic classic, briefs are a popular choice because they are comfortable, wear well, and provide especially good support for the testicles. However, because they are designed to fit snugly, they do increase the heat quotient and can trap odors in the penis area.

– Boxers. When a guy wants to hang loose, boxers are the answer. They also tend to have a high degree of breathability. Because they are baggier than briefs, they are more noticeable when worn with tight pants. They also supply no support for the testicles, and the open-fly brand may mean the penis will fall out and rub against the outer trouser fabric – which can be uncomfortable.

– Boxer briefs. For some, the best of both worlds, with the support of briefs and the design of boxers. They also provide some extra protection against chafing. But the snugness combined with the greater amount of material (compared to a brief) can also mean that they “heat up” more.

– Jockstraps. A mesh athletic pouch with (typically) just straps attaching it, so that the buttocks are uncovered. They protect the package, but they tend to compress things in a way many find uncomfortable.

In general, cotton underwear is the best choice for everyday wear, with nylon usually good for athletic issues. In terms of style, a man needs to weigh whether his package needs more support and whether more or less heat is an issue for him.

Proper choice of underwear is just one step in maintaining a healthy penis. Daily use of a top notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) is even more important. The best crèmes will contain essential vitamins (A, B5, C, D and E) which help keep the manhood in good health, especially when applied topically to the penis itself. It is best if the crème contains L-arginine as well. This amino acid plays a role in the process by which penis blood vessels open more fully, thus allowing greater flow during the erectile process.