Why You Shouldn’t Cheat in Games

A game is supposed to be played in the gentleman’s way. There is a very nice term that is taught to almost any aspiring fresher in any type of games. It is – ‘Sportsman spirit.’ The term sounds so small but it has got deep implications. As a player you can boast of your sportsman spirit only when you yourself feel that you are playing the game in proper fashion without hurting its strict principles.

Whenever you take resort to some unjustified and illegal means, it no more remains a clean game. An act of cheating on your part would make it an impure one. Even though the act of yours perpetuates your victorious stand in the game still you would be answerable to your soul. A prick of conscience would trouble your conscience for ever.

As a matter of fact, if you take a hasty journey down the history of the world of games you would be startled to find a mesmerizing series of reprehensible acts of cheating which has ultimately columnized the dirt free image of the game. A lot of instances can be mentioned in this regard. Ben Johnson’s doping act leading to his disgraceful disqualification, Maradona using his hand in a frantic effort to pass through the ball in the England net, Kelvin Sampson being sacked from his post of the coach of Indiana University basket ball, the 2007 record breaking sack of an astounding number of around 12 referees from the NBA by the National Basketball Association.  

Cheating of such gigantic proportion especially in the arena of professional games strictly dilutes the standard of the game. Being involved in such a heinous act like cheating a certain player not only ruins his or her own image but at the same time puts into jeopardy the esteem of the team he or she belongs to. One spot of calumny is enough to wreck the life time hard toil of a player. So it is imperative for all not to instigate the slightest desire of cheating in any circumstances even though the prospects of it look so alluring.